our last school year was a difficult one for me as a homeschool mommy. a lot was happening in life (and still kinda is) and homeschool was becoming less and less fun and more and more stressful. that was when i knew that i had to start changing things a bit. i needed more of ME infused into our everyday school routine and i took to my pen and paper to get out some of the ideas i had and needed to so desperately incorporate into our "curriculum" for this coming school year. 

i/we decided that our homeschool youtube channel was the perfect place for me/us to release some of my creativity and grow some things in myself and the kiddies that would benefit us in so many ways. the idea of growing our little channel to become our very own homeschooling network of sorts seemed like such an exciting idea. we would go on to create different "shows" that each of us would host based on the things that we are most interested in/good at. the first show that we started with, hosted by my kendall bear, COOKING WITH KENDALL & THE KIDS!!! 

if you know anything about kendall it is that he is a foodie at heart. he would wear his chef hat and apron to bed if he could and he is constantly mapping out our family menu days ahead of time. i thought that a cooking show would be a perfect fit for my little bear. and, what better meal to start with than PIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!

we actually headed over to nana & pop-pops house to film this "episode" because our kitchen is so dark and difficult to film in. it was so my fun and the kids had such a good time. 

we are really excited about this channel of ours and crazy excited at the thought of all the memories it will house. you can watch our pizza episode below and be sure to subscribe if you want to follow along. what other things would you like to see us make on cooking with kendall & the kids? we would love to know.

from syreena, with love


we're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. to school, that is. well, we are easing back into school a little bit at a time. i actually scheduled our first day for next monday but the kids said they couldn't wait any longer so i pretty much gave in and said we could start back up..... on a tuesday!!!! LOL. i started off by letting them have there hand at a little art in there notebooks while we listened to a little music. and then we moved on to a little reading scripture to start our day off right. 

i absolutely love how savannah blends her colors and rarely ever leaves any blank space. it makes me so happy to see her grow and develop in every area of life. 

yes kendall often wears his chef hat and apron to "class" and i love it!!! 

after about an hour or so  of tiny lessons, we headed out to the front yard, barefoot, to get a quick "first day of school" pic for the records. 

sometimes it is so hard to believe just how fast they are growing up. 

i think we will be easing back into our school routine over the next week or so. we will be back in the swing of things in no time. :)

from syreena, with love

{AWAY IN D.C. PART 11...}

we just finished our first round of pool fun for the day, taking a quick break for lunch, which gives me a few moments to post a few more pictures from our weekend away in D.C. a few weeks ago. we had so much fun and can not wait to get away again. on our second day out we decided to stop by a few museums and monuments. and while i wish i had called on a few of our favs from D.C. to show us around, we still had a good time getting "lost" in the city. 

we made our way through the butterfly garden after stopping by the peoples garden and taking pics to share with the babies when we get home. 

i happened to really enjoy visiting the Asian-American & African-American Museums while BDH was just happy to make it to the Air & Space Museum. 

i couldn't help but FaceTime the babies to show them how cool the museum was. The Lady Baby answered my FaceTime call while she was in the crib supposedly taking a "nap". LOL

we heading back to the hotel for a quick dip in the empty pool, which was nice. 

then we stopped by for dinner and that crab bisque tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so very good. 

we can't wait for more adventures alone this year (because every single married couple needs it so very much).

also, you can check out our vlog of day 2 HERE...

from syreena, with love

{AWAY IN D.C. PART 1...}

"living without limits comes from a person whose heart is more captivated by a vision than a problem ~ "

i love this quote so much and it applies to my whole entire life right now but in particular, my marriage. sometimes our circumstances make it hard to find time to connect with one another's hearts. its hard to see past the the challenges of each day. hard to rest in HIS promises. hard to constantly take the necessary moments to recharge and refuel. i have no idea what it would be like to live in this world and navigate through marriage without our foundations being rooting in HIM. i am so grateful to have someone who loves our God like i do. and evermore, someone who believes that HIS every promise for our lives are for NOW and for ALWAYS.

TheFALLCo. was birthed and is an ever revealing love letter/blueprint from my FATHER above. i know it just seems like a t-shirt company, but it really is so much more. the other day i read that God sometimes responds to our prayer with an answer, while other times HE responds to our prayers with a "journey" that reveals those answers along the way. YEP. PRETTY MUCH! in building this "business"  HE teaches me day by day, not to conform to the ways of this world, but rather to walk each one of our days out by faith and leaning on + resting in HIS love. i say all of this because it has everything to do with this little trip of ours. 

it has been well over a year now that we have been walking out a new level of our faith as we learn to truly trust in HIM as our healer, our teacher, our provider. gosh HE is so very good. good not because HE parts the sea and raises the dead in our lives everyday, but rather, like a good teacher... reveals to us the miracles that are, in fact, laced in every part of our EVERY DAY. 

we spent a few days in D.C. away with one another and it was so very special. we didn't do anything spectacular. we didn't travel anywhere exotic or grand. but we enjoyed being together so very much and couldn't help but smile at all of the adventures that our FATHER has in store for us both near and far. 

there was not one argument. there was not one single moment of confusion that wasn't nipped in the bud right away. there was not one single moment that was taken for granted.  after ten years of challenges and trying times growing + navigating through life together, i really can not express how simply wonderful it was. 

just believe that it will get better. believe that God works all things out for your good. beielve that HE is both, the author and the finisher of our faith. beielve that the vision in your heart for your marriage, your family, your business, your life.... is so much bigger than any problem you encounter. just believe that God is, in fact, GOD! 

just grateful.

also, you can check out our vlog of day 1 HERE...

from syreena, with love


it is a saturday morning and brian is working, the kids just finished up breakfast and i am doing a bit of house cleaning and travel planning. i have been taking a lot of video lately, and have only chosen to take photos on a few random occasions. i have said it before, but one of the biggest challenges in picking up video/filmmaking is that it is kinda hard to figure out when you should be filming or photographing. trust me, the struggle is REAL #firstworldproblems. i think i have come up with a solution and have made a plan to stick to my new photo/video schedule and see how things work out. 

in the meantime... these few pictures are, really, the only photos that i have taken lately. just a few snaps from another saturday morning waiting for daddy to get home. 

from syreena, with love


i have no idea exactly how we got here. i remember wearing her in my wrap and looking down at her face staring back at me. i remember staring so deep into her eyes and thinking, "i wonder what you will be like when you are THREE?" she was such a beautiful baby then and an even more beautiful little girl now. this morning, i plan on making her favorite breakfast, painting her nails, braiding her hair, coloring pretty flowers, playing dress up, opening our play restaurant for business and singing the Home Soundtrack at the very top of my lungs with her. but right now, i just want to stare at a few more photos of her when she wasn't THREE and was still my lady baby.

i can't stress enough how much having photos/videos/blog post + journal entries, bless me as my babies get older. like the story of her birth, and how different it was to have a girl, when i was having trouble adjusting to three kids, and being a newbie at doing hair, or when she turned three months old, and that scary time she spent nights in the hospital, up until we celebrated her first birthday!!! and now she is THREE...

my only regret is that i wish i had taken MORE pictures, MORE videos and written MORE blog post + journal entries. but thats ok.... there is always room to step it up a little :)

i love my little lady baby with all of my heart. happy birthday my precious little girl.

from syreena, with love


i'm getting ready to head out with the babies for the day. we decided on a kiddie pool fun day for the lady's birthday + we need to pick up a few small things for a little extra fun. i am also considering grabbing a few supplies to teach the kiddos to bake cupcakes, i'm certain that would make the best birthday fun for our little lady. any who, i took a few pictures of a few children's books i was considering to join our summer reading list and i thought i would share here on the blog. we love a great children's book with beautiful illustrations to match and i thought these were super fun. 

in related news, the kiddies + i are working on a few very, very, very, exciting projects that include our absolute favorite illustrator, our love of children's stories, and a little bit of our imagination. we are super pumped to share more along the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a few extra exclamation marks for excitement sake :)

what are some of your favorite children's pictures books, old+new? and let me know if you'd like to see a post, or two, on how we maximize stories w/ complimentary lesson plans. 

from syreena, with love


it is actually early afternoon and i have a few moments to write up a quick blog post + a few pictures from our trip to the zoo last week. we headed to the cape may zoo in cape may, new jersey. brian is good for suggesting family trips at the very last (and i mean, last) minute. but this time he gave we a little grace and suggested the night before. LOL. we, originally, wanted to head to the beach but we thought it wasn't quite hot enough for a day at the beach (in the water, at least). we packed lunches and got on the road.

had my wonderful husband given me enough of a heads up, i would have been able to make a more thorough plan for our trip. i would have probably gathered a few extra resources to make the most out of the learning opportunity and even schedule for a quick stop by the boardwalk only a few minutes past the zoo but ahhhhh well. 

we did, however, thoroughly enjoy ourselves. the weather was so pleasant and the kids were extremely well behaved.

cameron + savannah were super interested in the animals while kendal was counting down until lunchtime. Ha!

the boys read a lot of the signs throughout the zoo. it really is such a warm feeling hearing them read so wonderfully and knowing that i had a little something to do with that. #homeschoolmom

we made it back to the car and had lunch next to the birds.

cam even asked to take a few photos and managed to capture these gems.... it really does amaze me how many of the photography concepts he actually grasps (exposure, the rule of thirds, back button focus) that kid is so teachable. 

they had so much fun and were completely knocked out on the ride home. family fun is the best thing ever!

from syreena, with love


i can't help but to think about my last baby this morning. she will be a three year old in just three days and while it kinda makes me sad, i am constantly reminded that she is such a gift and evidence that faith does work! i won't get into all of the details but this is the doll and the rug that i bought when i found out i was pregnant and months before they confirmed that she was, in fact, a baby GIRL! 

i have been browsing through photos/video (like i always do :) to find precious little memories of our lives after this cutie came along. as she sits right next to me, with her laptop right beside mine (doing work) i am so grateful that she is mine. 

from syreena, with love


last week, the boys were playing video games together. video games are not my favorite, and they definitely don't make me feel like a great mother inside. but they really enjoy playing them together and they, most certainly, give mommy some time to get a few extra things checked off of her list from time to time. i could hear the "oooooooo's and ahhhhhhh's, every few seconds with a few instructions on how to keep the teamwork going and the bad guys away. when, all of a sudden, i hear cameron say to kendall, "oooohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh! good job BRO!!!" 

im not sure if i can even explain it, but it made me so very happy inside. it also made me feel like time has been flying by, so i had to dig up a few pictures of them with their precious little baby faces to calm any anxieties about this whole motherhood thing going by wayyyyy too fast. 

can't believe this was them just a few years ago. my babies!

from syreena, with love